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New cool music video by Silverstein “The Afterglow”

Great song, cool video, and catchy… well done Silverstein… Shane Told and friends have dropped new music video for “The Afterglow” off album “Dead Reflection” 2017. Song lyrics: Silverstein – The Afterglow I can see the sunset

Silverstein release “Retrogade” music video

A little bit changed, but the band performance is better! Silverstein have just released their new song “Retrograde” music video, also the Shane and friends announced their upcoming album “Dead Reflection” will be released on 14 July,

Silverstein Acoustic Performance “Toronto Unabridged”

Silverstein is usually known for their rousing mix of Posthardcore and Emocore. In an exclusively for VISIONS recorded clip to “Toronto Unabridged” Frontman Shane Told suggests quieter sounds. The driving sound of Silverstein, with his singing out

Silverstein Released New Song Called “Ghost”

Yeah! Once again, a masterpiece. Silverstein can’t write a bad song! Canadian post-hardcore band have released new song called “Ghost”, amazing! Check this one! Song lyrics: Silverstein – Ghost You threw it off the edge into the ocean

Margot Robbie: I enjoyed listening Silverstein and BFMV

Suicide Squad movie actress Margot Robbie turned out to have different music tastes with the general. You know, she likes rock or metal music! On The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the Australian actress confessed her admiration

Behind The Scene: Silverstein Documentation

Post-hardcore band consists of Shane Told, Josh Bradford, Paul Koehler, Billy Hamilton, and Paul Marc Rousseau posted a video on the making of their latest album “I AM Alive In Everything I Touch” The documentation is pretty

Silverstein Vocalist Shane Told Become A Podcaster

Silverstein vocalist Shane Told has a very characteristic vocal. Not only with the band, Shane also do solo careers or side project named River Oaks. Beyond singing, the man who born in Canada February 13, 1981 has also

Silverstein Release New Single The Continual Condition

Silverstein have released a new single titled The Continual Condition. This song is third chapter of the four chapters in the concept of their latest album I Am Alive in Everything I Touch The Continual Condition is

River Oaks “Let You Down” Sounds Like “Replace You” Silverstein

For you who the fan of music post-hardcore, certainly, you know who Shane Told. Yep, he is the vocalist of the band Silverstein. Shane has just released a new single titled Let You Down. Not with Silverstein,

Review Silverstein Album I Am Alive in Everything I Touch

Previous songs of Silverstein never disappointed! In 2015, Silverstein released their new album “I Am Alive in Everything I Touch”. The album was released on May 19, 2015 via Rise Records (worldwide) and Damage Records (Canada). Much like