Issues added “Yum & Dum” Japanese version ft. Taka OOR

Issues number 4 track “Yung & Dum” that originally feat. Jon Langston, now has Japanese version! In this song, the rnb-core band featuring Taka of One Ok Rock. “Yung & Dum” Japanese version included off album “Headspace” Japanese version. So excited to have the new Japanese version of ‘Yung & Dum’ out that features our … Read more

New Dance Music One Ok Rock “Bedroom Warfare”

One Ok Rock’s upcoming album called “Ambitions” will be released on January 13rd, 2017. After this Japanese rock band released “Taking Off” and here the dance music “Bedroom Warfare” – watch the video [here] Song lyrics; One Ok Rock – Bedroom Warfare Keep your enemies close Your enemies close I cut you off but you’re … Read more

10 Saddest Song from Rock Band

The following list of 10, rarely does you come across in popular music news. Because of some of the band’s songs, perhaps less so familiar. Unless you are really a fan of alternative music. Of the many sad songs in the world, I did not include the songs that are already well known such famous … Read more

Top 10 Best Romantic Songs by Alternative Metal Band

You need to know, the metal band ranging from post-hardcore band until undergrond behind their heavy, in fact they had some romantic songs that more better than pop singers. I’ve a selection from the many rock, metal, emo bands, especially in the modern bands after 00′-era. So if you looking for old songs, misplaced. Here … Read more