New Memphis May Fire Song feat Jacoby Shaddix “This Light I Hold”

“We couldn’t wait until next week to show you guys the video for “This Light I Hold” (ft. Jacoby Shaddix) so we are releasing it now!” – Memphis May Fire via Facebook Jacoby Shaddix is the frontman and vocalist of American rock band Paparoach. Not only good rock’in music! but also the video clip is awesome! … Read more

A Story Inspired “Overcome/Overthrow” Feat Matty Mullins

Post-hardcore band from New York, A Story Inspired invite one member of Memphis May Fire band Matty Mullins in latest song titled “Overcome / Overthrow”, this track taken from new album 2016. “As emerging artists it was surreal working with Matty Mullins,” guitarist Ryan Ridley said. “Knowing that we would be releasing a track featuring … Read more

Memphis May Fire Reissued Unconditional

US metalcore band Memphis May Fire reissued the album Unconditional, release date July 17, 2015. The album had previously been released in 2014, but this new version includes an extra couple of songs with a different version (deluxe edition). Beneath the Skin becomes song acoustic version which is unique in this metalcore band. Nice Song! Tracklist … Read more

Top 10 Best Romantic Songs by Alternative Metal Band

You need to know, the metal band ranging from post-hardcore band until undergrond behind their heavy, in fact they had some romantic songs that more better than pop singers. I’ve a selection from the many rock, metal, emo bands, especially in the modern bands after 00′-era. So if you looking for old songs, misplaced. Here … Read more