Stunning Third Single by Emarosa “Miracle”

Emarosa released a music video “Miracle” as the third single of the album “131”. Emarosa added Matthew Marculles as a permanent guitar player in the band. Earlier, Matthew is a touring member. According to frontman Bradley Walden, the previous album feels something is lacking, and the inclusion of Matthew makes the music more instrumentally. Writing … Read more

Emarosa second single “Helpless” More Relaxed

After releasing the first single “Cloud 9” now Emarosa shared second single “Helpless”. It more relaxed with dance choreography. Almost similar to the video clip of Brand New “Sic Transit Gloria … Glory Fades” (2003). The video featuring vocalist Emarosa Bradley Walden role in controlling the movement of dance Lindsay Ames (artist / comedian famous … Read more