Steve Aoki: Blink 182 is One of My Favorite Band in the World

Steve Aoki have been released a music video for his collaboration with Blink 182 “Bored to Death”

steve aoki tour

Seriously. Might not be your type of music, but the turn out at THE HUNDREDS OF shows he does a year and the amount of original content this dude puts out – he’s obviously doing something right.

logo blink 182 steve aoki

Watch it here

If u have seen his documentary u see what a good artist he is in the industry.

This is a dream come true for Steve. Blink is one of his favorite bands. Steve and Travis Barker are very close. They’ve created songs: “Cudi the Kid” and “Misfits

travis barker drum

“Blink 182 is One of My Favorite Band in the World” said Steve Aoki.



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