Awaken I Am announced new album, drop single “Black Dreams”

Australia rock band Awaken I Am have announced their upcoming album entitled “Blind Love”, and they release new single “Black Dreams”

Song lyrics: Awaken I Am – Black Dreams

Breathe just keep breathing I tell myself
That it was all just a dream
No a nightmare I can’t breathe
Falling false hope I had become lost
Always felt like I was the one who was forgot
A little worn a little torn

Bright lights it’s getting hard to breathe
Black dreams pull me from underneath
Why don’t you save me, save me
Fake love you took the missing piece
Eyes shut forgetting what I believe
Why don’t you save me, save me

It was never as simple as black and white
I feel like I lost myself in life
I see you looking, looking back at me
I feel like you know me better than I know myself
I wish I knew myself that well

I’ve put you through hell and back
And I watched you fall between the cracks



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